Q: Where can I find information on advisories related to boil water, fire bans, campground closures and other information?
A: If there are advisories, they will be posted to and on individual park pages.


Q: Is alcohol permitted within Saskatchewan provincial parks?
A: Alcohol is permitted within Saskatchewan provincial parks except during scheduled alcohol bans.  If there is no alcohol ban, alcohol must remain on your designated campsite at all times.


Q: What are the check-in and check-out times at Saskatchewan provincial parks?
A: Check-in time is 2 p.m. on the day of arrival.  Campers must check-out before 12 noon on their day of departure.  Late arrivals for reserve-a-site will have their name and site number posted as agreed upon in discussions with park staff.


Q: Are pets allowed in Saskatchewan provincial parks?
A: Pets are recognized as important members of the family and welcomed in all parks.  Pets must be on a leash at all times and are not permitted in swimming areas, beaches, picnic areas, public washrooms or shower buildings.  Pet owners should ensure that their pets are not left unattended, are properly leashed, do not make excessive noise and that any waste is cleaned up. 


Q: How can I apply for a summer job or career with Saskatchewan provincial parks?
A: If you are interested in summer employment at a Saskatchewan provincial park, click here.  Contact information for the park is provided at the bottom of each park’s webpage.  Persons attending or planning to attend a post secondary education institution may also wish to view information on summer employment for qualifying students at


Q: How much camping equipment can I have on my site?
A: One camping unit and if required a dining tent and a small tent for dependent children with approval from the park manager or supervisor. 


Q: Where can I find information on park fees?
A: Fee information is available on our website at  Provincial park fees are reviewed on an annual basis. 


Q: Can I use a generator in Saskatchewan provincial parks?
A: Generator use is permitted but their use may be restricted at the discretion of the park. 


Q: Where can I find information on group camping?
A: You can find information on group camping on our website at  Please call the park directly to make group camping reservations. 


Q: Where can I get a campground map?
A: Campground maps are available on-line on all individual park pages under related links.  Use the Find a Park link.  Maps can be viewed and printed as required. 


Q: How many people are allowed in a campsite?
A: No more than six people can occupy a campsite if the group consists of non-immediate family members.  Additional limits may be applied in specific parks at certain times. 


Q: On what dates do parks open and close?
A: Provincial parks officially open on the Thursday prior to the May long weekend and close on the Monday of the September long weekend.  Shoulder season camping is available at all locations prior to official opening and post official closing dates. 


Q: Does Saskatchewan provincial parks offer any promotions on park fees?
A: Saskatchewan provincial parks offer Saskatchewan resident seniors, who are or turning 65 years of age at any time during the current operating year, free entry into provincial parks.  Senior are required to stop at the park entry gate and show proof of eligibility with a Saskatchewan health card or driver’s licence when arriving at the park.  Shoulder season camping rates are also available in the spring and fall.  Campers must stay for 30 consecutive nights during a specific time in order to receive the promotional rate.  More information on this and other promotions are available at


Q: Can I reserve a group campsite online?
A: No, you cannot book group campsites online.  You need to call the park directly to make group campsite reservations. 

Q: Where can I find more information on reserving a site in a Saskatchewan provincial park?
A: Please go to for more information on the Reserve-a-Site program. 


Q: Does Saskatchewan provincial parks offer seasonal camping?
A: Yes, a number of provincial parks offer campsites for this very popular program.  For more information on seasonal camping and how to apply for a seasonal campsite, please go to  If you have further questions on the program, please call the park you are interested in seasonal camping at. 


Q: What is a service centre?
A: A service centre is a building situated in most provincial park campgrounds that provides modern toilets, showers and sometimes coin operated laundry facilities. 


Q: What software do I need to run the online reservation website on my computer?
A: Windows Users – the browser Internet Explorer 7 (7.0.5730.13) or higher or Firefox 2.0 or higher; Mac Users – download Firefox for Macs

Q: Can I view the online reservation request form using a browser other than Internet Explorer?
A: Yes.  You can use Firefox 2.0 or higher. 

Q: Do I need an email address to submit an online reservation request?
A: Yes.  In order to confirm your reservation request you must have a valid email address.  Ensure your email account is reviewed frequently and that is on your safe list of senders.  If you submit your reservation request and you do not receive email correspondence from Saskatchewan Provincial Parks, please contact the park you requested a site at. 

Q: How do I get an email address?
A: You can sign up for an email account before proceeding with the reservation request form.  Free email accounts are available through many service providers such as Microsoft Live Hotmail and Google GMail. 

Q: Why do I have to enter a validation code when completing the reservation request online form?
A: The code is a tool that prevents fraudulent use of the application. 


Q: How many vehicles can I have on my site?
A: Two vehicles can be at your campsite at any time along with one watercraft.  All vehicles must be licensed and kept on roadways.