Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trail conditions are updated weekly.  For the phone message, please call (306) 577-2600 extension 4.

Please Note:

  • ATV Trails are closed.
  • Recreational activity is at your own risk. 
  • There is open water from beaver breaking through the ice and on Little Kenosee due to heavy snow.
  • Trails are icy due to high winds.
  • The north end of Stevenson Lake Trail is used for logging.

Cross-Country Ski Trails - On March 9, the tracks were set on the following trails:

  • Trail Head to Shelter 1 to Shelter 2 to Shelter 6.
  • Shelter 1 to Shelter 5 to Shelter 12 to Points 11 & 9.
  • Shelter 2 to Shelter 12.
  • *Please use extreme caution as there is open water after Shelter 5 towards Shelter 12 AND as you approach Shelter 6 from Shelter 2.  Although the tracks are set, due to high winds, the trails are icy and some spots are blown in.

Hiking/Snowshoe Trails - Have not been groomed.

  • Use caution on White Tail as there is water and ice.
  • Shelters are stocked with essentials.

Snowmobile Trails - On March 14, all trails were groomed:

Please note: Harmon Trail is CLOSED.  Stay off the snowshoe and cross country ski trails as these are not for snowmobiles.

You may also visit the SSA's website to view other snowmobile trails: